internship + editorial

I've been a little under the blue lately. I keep telling myself to post on the blog, but the moment I lay my head down I immediately pass out- i'm beginning to feel like my mother. I only have 3 weeks left in New York, which is bittersweet. I still have a few items on my NYC bucket list I want to accomplish before leaving- like walking in between subway carts while it's moving (jk). There are times I get homesick. I do miss the occasional sit down dinners with my family, centralized air condition in the house, THE BEACH & BEING TAN, and my friends. I'm a little scared to get back to driving, after 3 months of literally not driving plus my horrible driving skills (i'm asian and a women-duh!), I might have to practice a tad bit when I get back.

The first photo shoot I worked on for my internship at STYLECASTER involved Sky Ferreira. It was definitely interesting to see what goes on behind-the-scenes at a photo shoot- especially when you see the finished work after editing. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the photo shoot, taken from the SC Website.

While I didn't work on these photo shoots, I did have to do a little work getting clothing information on them. And they are still some of my favorites. You can find these at STYLECASTER under the fashion section. Make sure your tweet, love, and fb like! And if you haven't made an account, you should probably jump on that- or we can't be friends.