the first of many

This is the first sketch I did for my portfolio. I have to add the details to it and descriptions. LBD stands for the initials of my full name. 

red coats

While most of the east coast is battling a blizzard, weather in Florida seems to be warming up. Hopefully we have at least one (maybe two) low temperatures before spring time weather rolls around so I can finally wear my new red pea coat. I ordered this over Christmas vacation, but I ordered a size too big, so I had to return it and finally got the replacement now. 

star struck

I love finding innovative rings. This is definitely an eye catcher. My favorite one is the royal blue one, it pops out really well and the color is beautiful!

find these beauties HERE

nine heads

I've been admiring my the book "9heads" for a long time, and it wasn't till I needed to vamp up my portfolio that I realized I needed. At my internship, my boss owns books on sketching and pattern making. I decided that "9heads" was the first one I start out with. So far, it been teaching and helping me out a lot. It shows a variety of ways to sketch from accessories, draping, and flat patterning. Hopefully I pick up the technique and improve my portfolio. 

read my article

Go read my new article on HER campusHERE! I'll be writing weekly so keep checking in and reading! 


The moment I saw these pair of shoes, I feel in love! My feet might hate me when I wear them, but who cares. The heels are definitely my favorite part. 
I really need to work on my shoe collection, mainly in the heel section. Typical I won't wear heels to class, not because I'm afraid, it is because my classes are so far separated that walking from one side of the campus to the next just isn't an option (or worth it) when you have only 15 minutes. 

because im asian loves...

This is my favorite post from The Sartorialist lately! HOT! 

attention attention

I haven't stop buying new jeans these past few weeks. I have never been the "favorite type of jeans" girl, I would rather wear skirts, shorts, and dresses and only jeans in the winter. I only had two jeans I would constantly wear, unfortunately. When it started getting cold in December, I decided I needed more than the two jeans I would wear all the time. Now I added four new pairs of jeans into the collection (total six), and I can't get enough and want more. I think I am turning into that "favorite type of jeans" girl, and I blame it on the fact that I've become more comfortable in my skin. 

adding to my collection

On my last shopping excursions, the main items I have been buying are accessories (mainly jewelry). The only problem is I have no jewelry holder. This causes me to get creative with the things I do have. For my bracelets, I use old wine bottles. My sunglasses are prompt on my small, table Eiffel tower, and my rings & earrings are hanging onto my fabric bulletin board. I will eventually buy a place proper to hold my accessories, but until then I think it's a safe bet to keep them there. 

trying to stay organized

One of my new years resolutions is to stay organized. I knew this semester wasn't going to be an easy one with over 18 credit hours, and too much going on on the side lines. One of the items I added this semester was file holder. This is one things I find essential; It holds everything I need and really important documents. I loose papers real easily, so this is one things I knew I needed. 

because im asian wants...

I've been eyeing this Yves Saint Laurent ring for too long to count! This is one item I am ready to splurge on and probably won't feel guilty after I do. I can't decide between Arty Enamel or glass ring. 

waiting patiently

I am not the hugest fan of online shopping, but Tallahassee doesn't have the best shopping so I have to do what I have to do. I bought this item this past weekend and dying to have it now! I am waiting patiently...
Jacket: ASOS

missing this little booger

I decided to make a little post for my puppy back home. My family has had her for over a year now, and she is quit the little trickster. She keeps my parents entertained since my sister and I are moved out. She is pretty spoiled, she prefers to sleep on coaches and beds rather than blankets on the floor, and she rather have real chicken than the fake dog food chicken. When I go home she is always at the front door to greet me with a smile and a wagging tale. 

behind the scenes

I've been at my internship for the past couple of months now. Each time I am there I do something different. Sometimes I am arranging and fixing tuxedos, or hand-beading a wedding dress. This is just a look around certain areas of the store. Everything from the fitting room, work room, racks filled with hundreds of tuxedos, and tons of beads for wedding dress.