wardrobe twenty ten

Growing up in Florida has been a challenge for me fashionably. I keep telling people I grew up and live in the wrong part of the country. As much as I want to wear certain clothing, it isn't fit for Florida. I'm not saying I am afraid to be 'different', it's more of the 'the weather is a pain in my ass' type ordeal. For my wardrobe, I love to layer. Not 10 different articles of clothing (trust me I went through that stage...never again), more like a tank top, oversize sweater, and coat. While most Floridians complain about the cold chills we get every so often, I tend to embrace it. 2010 was a big step in changing my style, I'm over my comfort look stage. While I am still going for comfort, I am making it more stylish comfort. 

There were a few things about my wardrobe I change in 2010.
Jeggings, never thought I would ever do this but they make my butt look good.
Oversize sweater &tops, tight fit was so 2009.
Rings, surprisingly I wish I would have worn more rings in the past.
Black bag, I seriously wear the same black bag everyday despite the fact I own like 30 other bags.
Ankle Booties &boots, I am slightly giving up my flip flops for more stylish shoes. 
Scarf & Sequin skirt, well just not those two together but separate will do.