Milan + recap

Just when you thought it got good, it got better. Another fashion week has come and gone, and I am beyond thrilled that Paris Fashion Week has begun. While I sit in class listen to my teacher profess “Class can be fun if you just participate!”… (Right dude like that’ll happen), I am going bananas over the Milan shows. I wish I was at the Dsquared show to see models ‘strut’ and splash in the mud. Except, the front row wouldn’t be the area I would want to be. What if a splash of mud got on my white fur Chanel coat??!... Haha just kidding I don’t own a Chanel fur coat. I do own faux fur Forever 21 vest. I was a little overwhelmed by Dolce and Gabanna's 71 look collection, yes 71 oh boy. But when I was browsing the collection, I never lost interest. Those two know how to bring it. 

karl lagerfeld + chic affair

Karl Lagerfeld a photographer?!... wait did I read that correctly. Indeed, I did. Harper's BAZAAR paid tribute to "fashion's chicest class affair". Sometimes I wish I was taller than 5'1 and could be a model. Then I could wear 31,000 dollar Chanel coats and Karl Lagerfeld photograph me.  

current obsessions

It may be officially fall, but my mind is still set on spring and summer. You are probably thinking how?! why?! Simple explanation children... It is around 90 degrees in Florida- hardly fall weather. While most children up north are pairing their favorite fall coat with a neutral color, I am still pairing my favorite sandal with a bright color. When I am sitting in class (in a class where the professor doesn't hate on laptops), I can't help but shop for items I know I cannot afford. Yeah... my parents don't love me enough. "Credit cards are your enemy" so my mom (and dad, mainly) say. However, if I did have credit cards, I probably have a pretty extensive closet right now filled with Miu Miu glitter booties, The Row leather backpacks, Chin Luu bracelets, and much more! 

These past few weeks have consisted of me creating my own retail store (class assignments). FYI I have had this same assignment numerous times. No, I didn't fail this class and had to retake it over and over again. It's what I get when my major is part of the budget cuts and no one cares enough about the fashion major at a huge university... sad but true story. We are no Parsons or FIT now. Even my professors agree, they tend to be part of the sucky reason. Below are two collages I had to make, via photoshop, describing the basic idea of my store. Of course, naturally, my stores would be located in Manhattan, New York. Can you figure out my aesthetic for each one?

recap + London fashion week

Well look here, another fashion week has come and gone... and it's already in Milan? While I recover from my jam packed week, this cut-throat industry waits for no one! I guess that's why they call it a 'fast-paced industry'. As I read twitter feeds buzzing about Milan collections, I just, yesterday, had the chance to look at London. I do suppose I have to be the bad mother here and choose my favorite collection, but... what kind of mother would I be if I did that.  Cough Cough... Sass & Bide. However, they have some pretty tough contenders behind them. 

candids + waist down

apartment + tid bits

My rings are placed on small plates. I meant to by a ring hand holder, however, this was my attempt to get creative. Only because I couldn't find a ring hand holder. 

Over the summer my sister and my mom made homemade jelly. They had a few extra mason jars, so I took a few. Nice little place to hold all my makeup. 

Yes, own 'The O.C.' DVDs. Make fun of me. I'm proud of it. When my cable & internet was out, this is what I watch. My desk isn't large, but it holds all my paper work and books neatly. 

My window brings a massive amount of light through it. In the morning, it is a pain. Talk about the best alarm clock. Do you want to know how I put my curtains up? A pair of one of my high heels. It really does come in handy when you have no hammer. Luckily it's still hanging up. 

My sister refurbished my grandparent's dresser this summer. It went from 'vintage' brown to 'modern' white. However, there are a few splotches of paint on the mirror. I decided to cover it up with photos of all my friends, and memories of this summer in NYC. 

This is the view from my window when I sit on my bed. The good thing about it being so big is that I never have to use a light during the day. You can't see it in here, but I get the good view on the pool, sand volleyball court, and clubhouse... not a bunch of trees like my roommates. 

fashion week candids + new york

fashion week candids + women

images via Jak & Jil Blog