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boys boys boys + fashion

images via streetfsn
To go from seeing guys in t-shirts and gym shorts to seeing well dressed men has been {one of} the best parts of people watching in New York. While I don't necessarily despise the underdressed just rolled out of bed look on a guy, I find it much more enjoyable to see them actually put together. I will admit, I have gotten out of bed and went to class in leggings- yes I wear them as pants, kill me- and a basic top, but what can you do when you miss your alarm clock and have to scurry to class- after a long night of mischief.
Sometimes seeing a well dressed man in New York will make me question his sexual preference, but, either way, I'll keep staring and admiring the fact that you were bold enough to walk out of you apartment/studio in that. 

photo diary + around nyc

This past week has been rather... boring- mainly at work. It's been a 'dead week' I feel like, even though mens fashion week is going on. However, since there hasn't been much hustle and bustle in the workplace, I get some extra time to look at half naked male models walk down the runway. Favorite so far- DSquare2. While jamming out to my Empire of the Sun & Katy Perry pandora stations, I'm typically looking at or WWD for some shopping trend stories I can write for my internship. Something good did come out my internship this week, free beauty products and clothes. I guess this is how they pay the free labor? No complaints. I was able to stuff 1 huge shopping bag full of beauty products. When I got home, I realized I have 4 of the same shade of red lipstick colors. But who can deny a bagful of {free} beauty products? Especially when it knocks off not having to buy shampoo and conditioner. 

hamptons + topshop

 Photography courtesy of Michelle Boule Photography

Last weekend the StyleCaster JTMs (Interns) were invited to Join StyleCaster and TopShop, in Mountak, New York, for a day of music, shopping, drinks, and food- all by the beach. Of course, who could turn this down? A couple of us + our friends headed out that way on a 3 hour train ride. At the end of the day, half us headed back to the city while the other half headed back to the "StyleCaster Summer Haven" house in Southampton. Can you guess which one I decided to do? Yes, headed back to the house in Southampton. 

coffee + SoHo

A few days ago I headed to coffee shop in SoHo with a friend, and by the end of the trip I wondered why I still went to Starbucks. While I do enjoy my morning rush coffee on the go, it was nice to actually sit down and enjoy a cup. My favorite part was the added art at the top from the milk. The nice customer service, local vibe, and relaxing atmosphere will definitely have me coming back for a couple more trips. 

bootiful cut outs

Balenciaga cut out boots. OBSESSED!