second oldest new york pub

Since I've been in New York City, I've stayed as far away as I could from the main tourist spots. This past couple of days, I have been heading to lower manhattan to take in its beauty. I wanted to get away from the bustling midtown and away from the pushing, impatient tourist. One place I did hit up this past weekend was Fanelli Cafe in the SoHo district. While SoHo is a tourist spot, Fanelli is a small pub that almost goes unrecognized, especially if you aren't looking for it. It is (according the website) the second oldest pub in New York City, and it was able to stay alive during prohibition. The place still had its old charm to it with black and white pictures of famous people who have been to the little pub. While sipping on beer and enjoying some New York cheesecake, I watch people walking by from the little front door.