life as i know it

These past few days have been hectic. I've learned more in the past two weeks about fashion than I would have imaged. While I work almost 9-12 hours a day, I enjoy it since I am doing what I want to do. The best part about this all.... living in one of the best cities in the world. Each morning before work I encounter at least 6 different ethnicities, which is something I rarely get in Florida. As the weather starts to warm up, it begins to feel more like home. 
My mornings before I work, I typical get a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop down the road while reading the pop culture newspaper. While my lunch time ranges, I usually head to the closet cafe to grab a delicious salad or sandwich. By the end of the day, I am so beat that I usually head home for some relaxation. Some days, I head somewhere for dinner or drinks. During work, I am either in the closet or out roaming the cities for the deliveries. The best part about doing a delivery is seeing various parts of the city that I doubt I'd explore if I was just a tourist. The city is always bustling with cars and people, but there are some spots that have that suburban feel to it. 
This past Wednesday, me and the other interns were able to attend our first company event. While we had to work part of the time, the rest of the time we got to mingle around and meet different people. On Friday, I was able to help with my first photo shoot. I often had run from Brooklyn, where the photo shoot was at, to Manhattan to pick up items from Showrooms. It was intense, but well worth it when I got to see the photo shoot in action. 
I still have 10 more weeks here, so I plan to add some sightseeing in there on the weekends. I don't know where to start and what to begin seeing. There is so much I plan on doing! 

the little details

This week definitely had its tole on me. I'm still recovering, but recovering in the central park sun. 

please don't rip my heart

Unfortunately this past week I got caught up in the fact that I am in New York that I forgot to do my assignments. It happens. During my internship, I am surrounded by so many amazing clothes all day long. This makes me want to go out shopping. But I am still holding off on my addiction till the weather warms up here in New York. Instead, I am currently working on a DIY making up a ripped t-shirt that has the face of a skull on the back of it. My friend did awhile ago and it looked wicked awesome. 


When I found out Alexander McQueen died, my heart sank and I almost cried. One of my favorite designers was gone...forever, but his legacy will live on for just as long. It is probably true that McQueen is like Van Gogh, worth more after he died. After visiting the Alexander McQueen exhibit the other day, breathtaking and amazing would be an understatement. Seeing his work right up close in person is more amazing than one can image. I wish they didn't prohibit photos from being taken. I highly suggest, if you haven't already, that if you are in the New York area to take a trip in see this. Yes, the wait is long, but worth it. Definitely will be taking a trip again before it closes.