designed by kelly

Kelly Wearstler is by far one my favorite interior designers. Her ability to play with and then ultimately unify various textures, colors, and multi-origin patterns makes for a remarkable statement. Her quirky taste mixed with her luxury lifestyle design has aided her in being a highly recognized designer and an amazing style leader. 

well suited men

There is a certain swoon when it comes to a well-dressed man. Someone who takes the time to know their washed out jeans really doesn't pair well with your black button down top. You have the guy with the patterned scarf, well textured gray blazers, and to top it off you have Kanye West.

Celine luggage tote

I am dying to get my hands on this beyond gorgeous Celine bag.  I've put it on a very separate, very unrealistic sort of Christmas/Birthday wish list.

january + balloons

i'm back + new year + boys boys boys, we love them!

So, I'm back! The internet and the addicting websites can be a we bit overwhelming- a Pinterest, a Tumblr, a Twitter, and everything else in-between. To bring in the new year of my blogging, I figured I'd give it to the boys.  Only appropriate since in a few weeks, I will be directing and styling a men's shoot.