bring on the new year

The year twenty ten brought way more than I could ask for, I'm healthy, awesome friends, landed an internship, an amazing boyfriend, family who is there to support me, and so much more. While my blog mention how much I want some things, I am happy with things I have in my life right now. In 2010, I grew to the happiest I've been in awhile. While I had struggles, I am truly blessed! You are the reason I keep writing, thank you so much for supporting me and for reading! Check back in 2011 for brand new things coming to this blog!!
I will be celebrating the new year with a group of my best girlfriends in these shoes. 

music you should know

My older (and only) sister graduated from an art high school here in Jacksonville. It is Douglas Anderson School of the Arts; If you remember the band Yellowcard that were big a few years back, they went to this school. Since my sister went to this school, she knows some really talented people. One of those talented people is her friend Alex, the lead singer for the band Lawless Hearts. While I was home I got to listen to this band practice and they sound awesome live. They have a youtube page where you can get to know a little more about them. This video isn't recent but it lets you listen to one of their songs. Check them out and find them on iTunes. They are currently working on their album. So if you are one of those people who is always trying to find new music, this is a band for you. Like most bands they are trying to get their name our there and they deserve it!

i'll be giving birth in Chanel

There is one thing me and Rachel Zoe have in common... our obsession for Chanel. I'm about 90 percent positive that Chanel is the reason I wanted to get in the fashion industry and be a designer in the first place. It's my ultimate dream to intern and work for this company, and I'll probably faint when I meet Karl Lagerfeld.

images via fashiongonerogue

takingfashion loves....

.... Wool shorts! The weather has been freezing the past few days and all I want to grab is shorts. When I saw these wool shorts, I knew this was perfect. Unfortunately this cold phase is only lasting till the weekend, then we are back in the 70s. But you never know when they will come handy.

backyard exploration

I am a little obsessed with taking pictures with my Nikon. This was outside on Christmas day. 

please don't call pita, it faux

{Skirt: BCBG; Tights: Target; Shirt & Boots: Forever21; Jacket: Arden B}
After repeatedly saying how bad I want a faux fur coat, "santa" finally delivered. Almost every store in town was out or didn't even have one in stock, so I was pretty shocked this was wrapped under the tree. The day after Christmas, the weather was frightful. According to my car temp, it never reached above 40 degree. I know it isn't like the blizzard storm most are about to endure, but it's Florida... this is a blizzard to us. We did have some snow flurries! It was probably the most exciting this I've seen. This faux fur coat was perfect for the weather. 

comfort around the home

As the days got closer to Christmas, the more time spent away from the house doing all the last minute shopping, cleaning, and getting ready for the family gathering. I helped my mom cook up her delicious mac n' cheese while the house smelled like pumpkin pie. After all the family members arrived, we shared laughs, talk about football, and opened presents. But nothing made me more happy then the comfort of my own home. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got to celebrate it with your family members and loved ones. Here are few things that made me smile this past few.

{my spoiled dog, little bit} 
 {a toasty fire}
 {a venti caramel macchiato with soy milk from starbucks}
-along with a very messy house after all christmas chaos 
 {my littlest cousin}
 {candy canes}
 {christmas presents for the family members}

my dog ate my homework

My dog isn't known for chewing things. She one time chewed up my favorite pair of flip flops, I was so furious I didn't pet or play with her for a good 2 days. But since then she has been happy just chewing on her fluffy toys. Unfortunately, she felt it was time to attach another one of my items... my laptop case. But I was kinda happy this time, since my laptop case isn't anything too delightful. I found this unique case online the other day, and now I can't stop thinking about it. It is a very creative way to hold (and possibly hide) your laptop.

candy cane lane

With some days over winter break being a little on the freezing, it has allowed me to break out the coats and closed toed shoes. However,  this cold weather can only last so long. While Europe is having a snow storm, I am able to wear my flip flops and possibly get a tan. There is only a few days till Christmas and I am still running behind on my shopping.

don't stop, won't stop

Since I've been home, I have scurried on to sewing again. I didn't drag my sewing machine 200 miles to be sitting in the corner for 3 weeks. Instead of clothes, I decided to take upon a new task... clutches! I gathered two fabrics from the store and figured I could make about 5 from each fabric. This is just enough to make so I could give some away and possibly sell the rest. My etsy has been dreadfully lacking these past few months and it needs an upgrade. The clutches are very simple and I'm still not done with the little parts yet. I added canvas lining to them to give them a sturdy feel. I may start sewing up a few college team colors for my family this holiday season!
 {the two fabrics I bought}
 {the canvas lining and fabric- excuse my mom's ugly table clothe}

 {the length is 14 inches wide}

paper wrapping

Every Christmas my mom buys the same color wrapping paper, red and green for the christmas tree in the family room, and silver and white for the christmas tree in the living room. Why two different colors for the trees? That way she can tell apart which christmas presents are for family sides. One of the benefits of having my main family members living in the same city is we are all able to get together during the holiday season. There is no reason to be stuck in traffic on the interstate or at the airport because the flight got delayed. While my mom likes to use store bought wrapping paper, I found these awesome wrapping style ideas that are perfect for those artsy crafty and go green supporters.