could you be the devil, could you be an angel

Accessories are one of the few things I don't feel guilty spending money on. It's cheaper, doesn't make me look bloated, and virtually can be worn with anything I own. For the past couple of months, I've been buying accessories. Whether it be a scarf, rings, bracelets, or jewelry, I walk out the store with a new accessory. I can't help myself. 

i like the way you walk

I haven't reviewed a runway in a really long time. I've always been scared to give my honest opinion. But I spent a good three  hours on STYLE the other day, looking a photo after photo of runway shows. When I saw Erin Fetherston Fall '11 collection, I immediately thought this is so Fetherston. A few skepticism were in my mind before I looked at the collection because she recently left the Juicy Couture label. Gratefully, Her collection stayed true to who she was. While I love lavish designs from runway collections, this plain and simple collection was still able to catch my eye. I would wear every piece in this collection. This would definitely bring out my girlish side. 

were gonna be late for tea

This weekend I am helping put together a Tea Party Social. The theme is "Sunday Brunch". We must put on our favorite spring dresses and bring our favorite stuff animal, just like when we were kids. Large hats are a plus. Since it is around Easter, we are going to be cheesy and have tons of Easter decorations and an egg hunt. I can't decide which type of dress to wear, a floral or bright color. I'm leaning towards a bright colored floral that I bought last fall. 

he always in the air, but he never fly coach

This weekend was a lot of fun and relaxing. I got to spend some time with my mom, which I didn't get to do over spring break. Even though I have a million things to do, I put them aside for 48 hours to just spend with my family and friends. But only a few more weeks until this semester, and I am ready to finish strong. 

do the pretty girl rock rock rock

This weekend I came home to volunteer the first ever Jacksonville Fashion Week. I mainly wanted to do it to see how it would go. While it was nothing compared to Miami International Fashion Week, it was still a great experience. Most of the designers were Florida based, which meant no language barrier. These are clips taken by my friend's phone. She was lucky enough to watch the show, but I got glimpse of it from backstage. 

i have to do what now ?!

Since Monday night I have been in and out of the library. The only times I have left were for class, meetings, and to go home to eat & shower. I don't know what it is about spring, but I always get the most stressed out during this time. My allergies are at a high too, so I am that sniffling nose girl in the quite lounge of the library. I  was excited to start writing more now, especially about my New York or Miami experiences, but I can't add anymore stress. 
I have three test in the next 7 days, articles deadlines to meet, 3 upcoming events that I have to finalized, 4 meetings to host and attend, and the biggest one is planning TOMS Shoes 'One Day Without Shoes' event. Who knew I had to fill out more permits than expected and have waivers. I have major ADHD right now. My parents are probably wondering why I go to Starbucks 3 times a day. As I sit in the library, I just want to break down and cry. However, I can do this, I was meant for this stressful planning. Everything will turn out fine. I'll just use the 5 different To-Do list I have made as references to get shit done. 
This is mainly a bitch post, and I probably shouldn't be complaining because things could actually be worse (knock on wood). But this short, spunky asian girl has manage to get out of this perfectly ok, even if it meant breaking down in tears to relieve some stress. To let you know I will make it out perfectly ok, I'll have post about the events in the next coming weeks. 

this should be in my closet

It's been over a week since spring break and well... I am still in spring break mode. Spring break is like a teaser for summer vacation, just like Thanksgiving break is a teaser for Christmas break. The weather keeps getting warmer and warmer, and it gives me more incentive to want to skip my afternoon class. But it is more like spending afternoon in the library. 
When I went to New York, I finally went to Free People. For years I have starred at all the clothes on the website. The only place to buy it here, is certain boutiques or the Urban Thread. So when I went to SoHo to do a little browsing and shopping, I just had to walk into Free People. Everything was so beautiful, I wanted to buy it all. 

a stroll through the park

My favorite day to take pictures was the last day I was in New York. Why? Because it was the only day I was there and the sun was out. Of course me and my sister headed to Central Park. I now know why people say that this is the perfect place to be to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It's amazing how can you go from the fast-paced city life to a relaxing park. They had ice skating going on in the park, and I almost participated. However, I fall on my ass every time I step on the ice.  I wish I had more than 30 minutes to spend in the park, but I had an interview to catch within an hour.  

After spending a week studying for one exam, which paid off because I got a 98 (oh yeah), and the rest of the time being 'lazy', I sat down and realized I have way too much to get accomplished. I planned on spending me weekend by the pool side trying to catch up with all my tan friends, but I honestly need to get stuff done. I have to start planning an event that is in 3 weeks, start working on study guides, and so much more. I wish spring break was longer than a week. I bought this candy bar while in New York at Dylan's Candy Store. I love it, and I probably won't eat it either. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and I encourage everyone to text 90999 to give $10 to Japan! 

all around new york

Throughout the entire time in New York, my sister kept telling me to "not look like a tourist". I tried to listen, but I couldn't help but constantly snap pictures. Not matter what I probably screamed tourist to a bunch of New Yorkers. The only time I wasn't approached by a guy trying to sell me something was when I was wearing business clothes (the only time I did look like a New Yorker). There were a few times I did get asked direction and trying to "play it like I know what I am saying" really meant giving the wrong direction to everyone. When someone asked me where 60th street was I pointed towards 8th street, completely opposite direction. Whoopsie! 

this is the moment that I feel so alive

Put a small city girl in a big city, like New York, and she is bound to fall in love. I haven't been to the city since I was about 12, so when I was handed the opportunity to go, I couldn't turn it down. I was there for business, but I did fun in my spare time. The first night I arrived in the city, I had to do this first touristy thing on my list... Time Square at night. The feeling of being in the big apple made me regret my opportunity to come here for school. In the short time I was there, I fell in love. The crazy hectic pace of everything in New York and seeing every type of person and personality in one city was invigorating. It was hard to come back to Florida. All I wanted to do was stay there. I've heard people bash New York for so some reason, but the reason they gave me on 'Why you should hate New York' is the reason I want to live here. I told my Aunt on the phone the other day that I WILL live in this city. The only thing I missed about Florida, at the time, was being able to get a tan... I'm the whitest person in my class and I'm asian which means what the hell.