this is the moment that I feel so alive

Put a small city girl in a big city, like New York, and she is bound to fall in love. I haven't been to the city since I was about 12, so when I was handed the opportunity to go, I couldn't turn it down. I was there for business, but I did fun in my spare time. The first night I arrived in the city, I had to do this first touristy thing on my list... Time Square at night. The feeling of being in the big apple made me regret my opportunity to come here for school. In the short time I was there, I fell in love. The crazy hectic pace of everything in New York and seeing every type of person and personality in one city was invigorating. It was hard to come back to Florida. All I wanted to do was stay there. I've heard people bash New York for so some reason, but the reason they gave me on 'Why you should hate New York' is the reason I want to live here. I told my Aunt on the phone the other day that I WILL live in this city. The only thing I missed about Florida, at the time, was being able to get a tan... I'm the whitest person in my class and I'm asian which means what the hell.