no looking

Something I've been wanting to try for the past few months is camel tone clothing. But I'm still debating whether if will flatter my skin color.

'tis this knit sweater

When you ask someone what their favorite time of the year is, they will say "the holiday season". With the food, family gatherings, present, shopping deals, and so much more. It is one of the most wonderful time of the year. One of the things I like doing is looking at holiday campaigns. With all the reds, green, sparkles, and knit sweaters, it seems just cozy. This H&M holiday campaign really makes me wish it wasn't going to be 80 degrees this Thanksgiving season. My knit sweater and coats are feeling neglected. 

a list for santa

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, the only thing on my mind is the holiday season. When I was little, I use to make my Christmas list a little around Thanksgiving, that way it gave "santa" a head start. As Christmas got closer and closer, my list got longer and longer. Nowadays, I keep my list simple. I've been asking for home decor and beauty products more than anything, and my mom keeps telling me it's a sign of me getting "old". While I should be preparing for my finals, I am instead creating my shopping list for the next few weeks (along with creating a wish list of my own).
{from left to right: faux fur vest, coffee cups, jewelry, black ankle booties, small shoulder clutch bag, Lilly Pulitzer planner, Michael Kors watch, sequined cardigan, spice rack filled with spices, small braider brown belt, large long-lasting candle, dark Chanel nailpolish, fingerless gloves}

silver sparkles

It's been a little over a month since I've started my internship (as explained here), and I am getting the opportunity for some hands on experience. I've done some hemming, hand beading a lady's wedding dress, doing some work on the sewing machine, and much more. Among most things, I am making an formal dress (something I don't do very often). I haven't done much of it, just working on it here and there. Here is a little preview of what I've done so far. 

Dillards event: part 1 Ugg Australia

A few months ago I was approached by Dillards in Tallahassee to write for them. Mainly cover events, talk about new merchandise, and other things here and there. The only thing they wanted was my honest opinion. I took upon this great opportunity! A few weeks ago I attended one of their events for Ugg Australia. When you bought a pair of Ugg Australia, then you can it personalized for free. They had two professional artists come out to do the event. As I arrived the event, like most department stores, the workers asked "Can I help you?". After explaining to about eight different workers that I didn't need help and explaining what I was doing, I quickly took pictures, got a little information, and was on my way out. It wasn't the most successful first event, but it doesn't mean I won't do more in the future. 
The event was definitely a one of a kind event. With tons of girls buying Ugg boots, it allows these girls to have their own personalized boots. The two artists were laid back surfers who had traveled the world surfing. Personalizing Ugg is only a side job. They own a surf shop and continuously give surf lessons. Not your average artist. They made all the customers feel welcomed and at home while they customized their boots. 

somewhat casual

Skirt: Forever21; Jacket: Urban Outfitters
I think I wear black and white together more than anything. It's kind of a bad habit, but as much as I want to break it when I go shopping, it usually never happens. In the end, I walk out with more black and white articles of clothing rather than colorful clothing.

dream workshop

The other day I ran across this amazing workshop on Here Comes the Sun. This is what I would love my workspace to look like. I love all the white in the space, it really brings out the colors.

festival spotlight

After stressing for weeks about this event, it finally happened. The festival collaborated three things, fashion, music, and art, all into one event. The event featured four amazing local bands, and after only hearing them through facebook, I was shocked about just how amazing they were. Guest got to shop in the afternoon, enjoy a fashion show, sip some drinks, and got to listen to bands in the evening. Add a great group of people, and the event was a success. 

butterflies in stomach

I've been having a little beauty crave lately. I don't know if I just go through these random stages, but I've been buying beauty products a lot lately. Lipstick and nail polish are my main source of beauty buys right now. I've been testing lipsticks lately and really working on trying to pull them off. Skin products and perfume are always an essential need and I am constantly buying new products to see which one works and smells better. Right now I am putting the clothes shopping addiction on hold and moving on to beauty products. Since it is getting cold, my skin needs to be taken care of more.

behind the scenes

The other day I was blessed enough to host my own fashion photo shoot. With the help of amazing girls, we got the job done in under two hours. It featured a local boutique called Divas and Devils: House of Style. They sell both new and vintage clothes. This photo shoot featured only new, modern clothes. The theme was how to pair Divas and Devils with your everyday clothing. I was obsessed with every article I picked out, however, unless I decide to work more hours, I won't be able to buy all of them. Here is a preview of the photo shoot 'behind-the-scenes'. 

sparkles in the night

After laying in bed the past few days not being able to breath out of my nose and only getting out of my apartment for running errands, I was only obliged to look through more images than I could comprehend. After taking a quick trip today to a local boutique in Tallahassee, to pick out articles of clothing for an upcoming photo shoot, I immediately notice all the sequins hitting the racks. I was a little excited considering I bought a sequins cardigans a few months ago, when it was on sale, and this was before it became popular. sweet!

images Fashion Gone Rogue, Jak&Jill