Dillards event: part 1 Ugg Australia

A few months ago I was approached by Dillards in Tallahassee to write for them. Mainly cover events, talk about new merchandise, and other things here and there. The only thing they wanted was my honest opinion. I took upon this great opportunity! A few weeks ago I attended one of their events for Ugg Australia. When you bought a pair of Ugg Australia, then you can it personalized for free. They had two professional artists come out to do the event. As I arrived the event, like most department stores, the workers asked "Can I help you?". After explaining to about eight different workers that I didn't need help and explaining what I was doing, I quickly took pictures, got a little information, and was on my way out. It wasn't the most successful first event, but it doesn't mean I won't do more in the future. 
The event was definitely a one of a kind event. With tons of girls buying Ugg boots, it allows these girls to have their own personalized boots. The two artists were laid back surfers who had traveled the world surfing. Personalizing Ugg is only a side job. They own a surf shop and continuously give surf lessons. Not your average artist. They made all the customers feel welcomed and at home while they customized their boots.