a list for santa

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, the only thing on my mind is the holiday season. When I was little, I use to make my Christmas list a little around Thanksgiving, that way it gave "santa" a head start. As Christmas got closer and closer, my list got longer and longer. Nowadays, I keep my list simple. I've been asking for home decor and beauty products more than anything, and my mom keeps telling me it's a sign of me getting "old". While I should be preparing for my finals, I am instead creating my shopping list for the next few weeks (along with creating a wish list of my own).
{from left to right: faux fur vest, coffee cups, jewelry, black ankle booties, small shoulder clutch bag, Lilly Pulitzer planner, Michael Kors watch, sequined cardigan, spice rack filled with spices, small braider brown belt, large long-lasting candle, dark Chanel nailpolish, fingerless gloves}