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When the last day of your classes approaches, you will probably be stuck listening to an hour of lecture and at the end the professor says "Have a good summer, thank you for coming". However, the last day of my advertising class, my professor decided to do a different approach. On the last day, we listened to FSU Advertising students present their advertising campaign strategy which they will present and compete in nationally. After the 20 minute presentation, my classmates and I expected to leave the class immediately with a typical professor farewell, but not according to my professor. The first time in my college career my professor gave the class a lesson on life. Before you make any conclusion, just listen. He started off talking about a young man who went to college (FSU that was), graduated, got a high paid job at a huge ad firm, made 6 figures or more, and bought what money could buy him- Rolex, Jaguar, Porsche, etc. This man was him. So how did he end up a professor at FSU? After awhile he realized he wasn't doing what he loved and wasn't happy. After his story, he went on to explain something any other of our professor will teach us in class. He told my class to pursue our dream, don't ever let anyone prevent you from what you want to do, do what you love, be happy, and do it for the right reasons. This was a very simply version of what he said, he did go into details. But those key facts and the words he said to us, touched me and probably the rest of my classmates. After his 20 minute speech on living your life to how you want to live it and to have fun in college but also know when to be serious, he left us with "I hope you were able to learn something from me (not class material wise), because then my job was accomplished". This was by far the best thing a professor could ever say to his students. I guarantee you this is one thing the students who take his class will always remember, not how to calculate CPM in advertising. 


Around 2 weeks from now I am moving to New York. Something I didn't think I would be saying, well at least this soon. It is really hard to study when all I can think about is the amazing summer I am about to embrace. While I could be underestimating my internships this summer, the fact of being in New York makes me happy. Another fun thing I will be doing this summer is attending Outside Lands in August with my best friend, who I haven't seen in 2 years. I've been wanting to attend Outside Land for years now, so I can't wait for it to arrive. Even though the summer sun is finally bringing the humidity and heat to Florida, I still find myself obsessing over Fall items. Like wedges. I only own 1 pair of them, but I wish I owned more. Looks like I will need a shopping trip before leaving. 


The last fashion show of the semester was this past Thursday. The Ovarian Cancer Alliance of North Florida partnered with Fashion Inc. to put together a benefit fashion show. With only 4 weeks to put together a show, we spent many busy weeks making sure this show would be awesome. The stage was outlined by paint splattered pipe lines, and paint splattered & paper mache boxes displayed the sponsor in the background. The clothes were given by local boutiques, and the hair was done by a high fashion hair salon here in Tallahassee. The show was a lot of fun, but I am glad it is over... well that is till next semester. 


Ok, I am a horrible all-night studier. I decided to take a break from studying for my 2 final exams tomorrow to do a little web browsing. It turned into a 2 hour study break. My first exam is at 7:30am. Whoever decided it was ok to put a 7:30am final was seriously on crack! It might seem like I am having an obsession with sunglass since my last post was also about sunglasses. But Burberry ads are one of my favorites. The pop of color in these ads really draw the viewer. I need a pair of purple sunglasses. 

round sunglasses

In the front compartment of my car I have about every type of sunglass. Before, I had this terrible habit of breaking my sunglasses, which meant I would always have to buy new pairs. Since I have a horrible shopaholic condition, I, one day, decided to buy about 7 pairs of sunglasses. Why? Because that way when I broke a pair, I had a spare ready for me. Well... since doing this I haven't broken one pair (knock on wood). The one pair of sunglasses that I am kinda looking at adding to my collection are a pair of round ones. Not sure how they will look considering I can't find a single pair in stores. Maybe I will get lucky when I go to New York.