five more days

As I continue to think of clothe ideas for Miami, I realized I barely have anything and my tan isn't up to speed. It looks like a small shopping trip to get some essential items for my trip. I'm all for pinks and bright colors for the trip. 

you keep calling my name

Next weekend i'll be working Miami International Fashion Week, and I am so excited. It'll be a long 6-11 shift from Fri-Sun but it's worth it. The weather has been so amazing the past few days, that I've been working on my tan. I got really pale these past few months, and I can't be pale in Miami. Unfortunately I have to go through 1 exam, a midterm, and a paper before I leave, but at least I get to celebrate! Oh spring break please hurry!! 

one voice in a million

I am really excited to decorate a new room for the fall. This time the furniture isn't provided, so I can bring my pretty, white furniture from back home. I love this room idea, maybe I can do something similar for when I move into my new apartment and room. 

all around her campus

These are my past two articles I did (obviously about fashion) and another one will be posted this Monday at noon. Check it out at HER CAMPUS

reuse, recycle, reinvent: part two

This was my other entry for the cotton competition, my other here was HERE. I made this entirely out of white and black t-shirts. I got so many compliments out of it, that it made me sooo happy to hear it all. This was the first gown I ever made, so it was a little challenging. Interning at a bridal store, inspired me to make a gown. I got honorable mention for this one. 

reuse, recycle, reinvent: part one

There is a reason as to why I haven't posted at all these past few days. I'm literally drowning myself in stress, and haven't slept in over 36 hours. But I was able to enter the Cotton Competition by Cotton Inc., which is using old cotton jeans and t-shirts and make something out of it. I made three things, but this post focuses on what I used my old jeans to make. I made a clutch purse and a necklace. I twisted two small strips of jean to make the chain for the clutch. For the necklace, I torn up a sliver of my jeans and then tied a note.  To show a relationship between the two pieces, I made flowers. 
So how did I do? I was able to receive 3rd place! Something I wasn't expecting considering it took me a total of 45 minutes to make. 
On a side from the competition, I resigned from internship until April. The stress of school and all my extra curricular activities is really having a toll on me, and I realized I am not able to handle it. It was the hardest thing to do to tell my boss I needed to leave and focus on school, but I was relieved to know she wouldn't mind seeing me come back! 


I've officially started sewing today, only to distract me from studying and making dumb study guides. I'm in for another long week ahead of me. 

i'm in miami bitch

In a month I will be in South Beach, I cant wait for the UV rays. Spring break and Miami International Week please hurry up!

that boy is a monster

I've been compulsively obsessed with a few items in my room lately. I bought this orange blush top a few weeks ago back home, and I am loving the different ways I can put it together (coming soon). Candles are always lit in my room but they rarely smell my entire room or apartment, however, this candle does; It literally smells throughout my entire apartment, I love it so much I need to get more of it. If you have read my blog from the beginning, you may have notice my obsession towards TOMS, so adding a new pair to my shoe collection always brings smiles. And lastly,  my watch with TOMS thread bracelet.