addictions + pastels

Since I've been home, I've complied a list of places I want to at intern this summer. Will I actually go back to NYC to do some free labor work? Maybe. Let just say NYC is the place to be & the place where your bank account will run dry. However, after last summer, I am more eager to get back to the city to work- even if it is for free. A little secret... I actually liked going to Starbucks for coffee. I, finally, added the Michael Buble Christmas station on my Pandora. And, well, I CAN'T STOP LISTENING. Considering last night I watched the Michael Buble Christmas special, I have swooned over him. All I need is for Florida to stop being a pansy and give me some weather below 75 degrees! For goodness sake, it's December and I am going to the beach.

Santa's Enchanted Forest + Winter

So... the other day it finally struck me that I still have this blog going. I blame the fact that this semester was a BITCH. Hard work pays off, right? Christmas break has finally arrived. I'll start off my winter vacay with the last shoot I did. It was shot at Pebble Hill Plantation in Thomasville, Georgia, which is about 40 minutes from Tallahassee. While it was only suppose to be a 1-4pm ordeal, it ended up being 10am-6pm. Did I mention we were all hungover the next morning? All-in-all this was by far my favorite one & I couldn't be more proud!

The idea of the shoot was to recreate famous Christmas characters. We started off with Santa & the elf, then made our way to the toy soldier. We added the sugar plum fairy and gingerbread also. But no holiday shoot was complete without a Christmas tree and some New Years Eve cheers. Considering most stores in Tallahassee had sparkle written all over them, it wasn't hard to gather a New Years Eve look.

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future planning + not so fall

This week, I've been (stress-fully) planning this weekend's holiday photo shoot. After finally sitting down with the new Editor-in-Chief, we created a whole new theme- which won't be revealed till once it's publish. It's been quite difficult getting clothes from boutiques, since the holiday season has officially approached. The task of finding the right models, scheduling meeting with the photographer and hair stylist/make-up artist, and pulling clothes can be quit difficult and overwhelming. Who would've thought I would already be planning a future photo shoot?? Anyone who knows me, knows that this is normal for me. Always thinking five steps ahead when I should still be on step one. One of our Spring shoots is looking like a very "free people" theme. Only appropriate since all the editors are obsessed with the brand.