chicken caesar wraps

Ever since I left my job at a place located in the mall that I am too embarrassed to say here for a job as a hostess at a sushi restaurant, I've been able to get my lazy sundays back. And after an almost tragic trip to publix, I was able to stock up my fridge and pantry once again. For a lazy sunday, I am left watching "classic" Disney halloween flicks with my best friend, Dylan. As always, we had to take a food break. Lately, I've been craving chicken caesar salads, however, I needed use up my tortilla wraps that have been in my fridge for the past two weeks. Dylan had the bright idea of cooking chicken caesar wraps, and after a few bicker moments, I agreed. He cooked the chicken, I fixed the tortilla. 

colorful pumpkins

It wouldn't be halloween without pumpkins! In the spirit of halloween, I decided to decorate pumpkins. While the traditional carving of the pumpkin is needed, I decided to skip it this year and just paint them pretty color. They are sitting next to fish tank, and I think my fish, achoo, enjoys them too.

what i wore... the fashion show. When I went to Atlanta, I pretty much had my mind set on what I would wear, however, I ended up changing it. I knew I needed something that I would feel comfortable in, or else the night would have been miserable for me. The one thing I would change about my outfit was the shoes, my feet were screaming half way through the night!
{Skirt: BCBG; Top: Forever21; Belt: Forever21; Bag: Aldo; Shoes: Charlotte Russe}

takingfashion is lusting...

I think about every fabulous fashionista is craving these two things. 
a cheetah print dress...

& a pair of cheetah print heel booties

slightly obsessed

Ask anybody and the biggest thing I've been craving/eating is cupcakes. While Tallahassee has it's delicious cupcakes spots, I keep eyeing cupcakes for other sates. One place is general is called crumbs that I read about on madebygirl a few months ago. All the cupcakes featured look absolutely delectable and delicious!

bridal couture

It's been awhile since I've had any news about my designing, but it has mainly been since I haven't had time for it. The other day I got a great opportunity. I realized I needed to get an internship in Tallahassee, hopefully it would help me find one for summer. I was able to find an internship with Hayley Lauren Couture. It is a locally owned business run by a very sweet lady. She custom makes beautiful wedding gowns, bridesmade, mother of the bride, and flower girls, along with alterations. I am really excited to be working and getting hands on experience! 

parking lot spotlight

{Jeans: True Religion; Bag: Aldo; Top: Forever21; Cardigan: Forever2}
I probably choose the wrong day to wear heels and jeans, I was literally running around all day. I completely forgot about half the stuff I told myself to do. But all in all, it is good to be getting back into the hang of things. The weather has been beautiful the past few days, with lows in the 50s and high in the high 70 or low 80s. It is perfect for a pair of jeans and lose top with cardigan. 

fashioninkstas in hautelanta

Take a group of fashionistas to Atlanta and you get a group of amazing girls. Our Atlanta trip wasn't all about fashion, we were literally a block away from the World of Coke so we had to visit. I got overly excited when I saw Vanilla Coke, since they don't sell it in stores. We left with our very own souvenir. Dressing up for an awesome event and dinner at the Hardrock Cafe afterwards was the highlight of our first night. The next day we woke up early to head to the World of Coke and finish off shopping at H&M. Never have I've seen more cotton fields. It was definitely a much needed trip, and a break from the hecticness of life.

taking on adventures

This weekend I am heading to Atlanta to attend an Americasmart fashion show. An organization I am apart of, Fashion Inc, was lucky enough to be invited. So, I am going to be attending my "first legit fashion show" and I've been counting down the days for this. While it is only a two day trip, I've went a little overboard and packed a little too much. I'm ready and so is my camera. This is my first time to Atlanta, when it isn't the airport. As a shopaholic, my card is also ready! 
 jackets (it is suppose to be low of 40)
 tops (from oversize sweaters to lace)
 dress (the blue one I made)
bottoms (jeans, shoes, and a pencil skirt)

what i'll be wearing

This autumn I'll be wearing something different than most people. It doesn't get very cold here, we have some of our days, so I don't layer or go to the extreme when the weather gets cooler. This time of the year is my favorite because I love shopping for autumn clothes. I made the seven items that I buy constantly throughout the months and wear (almost) every day. Scarf, basic loss tee, oversize sweater, blazer, cardigan, ankle booties, and a watch. My closet is starting to overflow with these items. However, trust me i'll be styling them perfectly. 

leather me up

After about being 5 seconds away from buying a 80 dollar leather jacket this weekend, I realized how badly I want another leather jacket. I already own a white one, but not black one...yet. However, give me a few weeks and I most likely will and it will probably not cost me 80 bucks. 

images via Carolines Mode, Jak & Jil, Fashion Gone Rogue, Altamira