The spring semester is over in only a few weeks, it was my most stressful semester so far, but I am managing to make it through. One company I am extremely passionate about is TOMS Shoes. On April 5, across the world, thousands of people go a day without shoes to help raise awareness of children without shoes. They ask that you experience one day without shoes, what kids have to experience everyday. As of last November, TOMS has given 1,000,000 pairs to children. On April 5, I, along with many other FSU student, went without shoes. It would be our luck to have a huge storm the night before the event and cold weather that morning, but we braved the chilly morning without shoes. It doesn't impact you what these kids go through on a daily basis. We were lucky enough to have clean, paved sidewalks. While we were able to experience a day without shoes, I know it is nothing compared to what these children face daily. I am enthused that the event turn out great, and I am finally able to relax from all the constant planning and working that went behind it. I love the fact that I can represent this amazing company on my campus, and I can't wait to do this next year.