i have to do what now ?!

Since Monday night I have been in and out of the library. The only times I have left were for class, meetings, and to go home to eat & shower. I don't know what it is about spring, but I always get the most stressed out during this time. My allergies are at a high too, so I am that sniffling nose girl in the quite lounge of the library. I  was excited to start writing more now, especially about my New York or Miami experiences, but I can't add anymore stress. 
I have three test in the next 7 days, articles deadlines to meet, 3 upcoming events that I have to finalized, 4 meetings to host and attend, and the biggest one is planning TOMS Shoes 'One Day Without Shoes' event. Who knew I had to fill out more permits than expected and have waivers. I have major ADHD right now. My parents are probably wondering why I go to Starbucks 3 times a day. As I sit in the library, I just want to break down and cry. However, I can do this, I was meant for this stressful planning. Everything will turn out fine. I'll just use the 5 different To-Do list I have made as references to get shit done. 
This is mainly a bitch post, and I probably shouldn't be complaining because things could actually be worse (knock on wood). But this short, spunky asian girl has manage to get out of this perfectly ok, even if it meant breaking down in tears to relieve some stress. To let you know I will make it out perfectly ok, I'll have post about the events in the next coming weeks.