The time has finally come. The one thing I haven't shut up about in months. In a couple of hours, my mom, sister and me will be driving (yes I said it...driving) to New York City. We have a little pit stop on the way in Philadelphia, but it is still a long 16 hour car ride. The past two weeks, my days have been filled with the hot sun rays whether it be by a pool or a ocean. You are probably thinking 'Who would give that up?'. But ladies and gentlemen, I've lived in Florida my whole life and giving up the summer sun will be hard but I know in August I can get right back to it. It might suck not being able to get up at 10 a.m. and go straight from pjs to a bathing suit, but I have an internship that I could never pass up in a city I am dying to live in. I will probably be away for awhile, but when I come back my blog post are going to start looking different. I'll mainly be highlighting my outfits, what I did during my internships, and life in the big city.