photo diary + around nyc

This past week has been rather... boring- mainly at work. It's been a 'dead week' I feel like, even though mens fashion week is going on. However, since there hasn't been much hustle and bustle in the workplace, I get some extra time to look at half naked male models walk down the runway. Favorite so far- DSquare2. While jamming out to my Empire of the Sun & Katy Perry pandora stations, I'm typically looking at or WWD for some shopping trend stories I can write for my internship. Something good did come out my internship this week, free beauty products and clothes. I guess this is how they pay the free labor? No complaints. I was able to stuff 1 huge shopping bag full of beauty products. When I got home, I realized I have 4 of the same shade of red lipstick colors. But who can deny a bagful of {free} beauty products? Especially when it knocks off not having to buy shampoo and conditioner.