Milan + recap

Just when you thought it got good, it got better. Another fashion week has come and gone, and I am beyond thrilled that Paris Fashion Week has begun. While I sit in class listen to my teacher profess “Class can be fun if you just participate!”… (Right dude like that’ll happen), I am going bananas over the Milan shows. I wish I was at the Dsquared show to see models ‘strut’ and splash in the mud. Except, the front row wouldn’t be the area I would want to be. What if a splash of mud got on my white fur Chanel coat??!... Haha just kidding I don’t own a Chanel fur coat. I do own faux fur Forever 21 vest. I was a little overwhelmed by Dolce and Gabanna's 71 look collection, yes 71 oh boy. But when I was browsing the collection, I never lost interest. Those two know how to bring it.