apartment + tid bits

My rings are placed on small plates. I meant to by a ring hand holder, however, this was my attempt to get creative. Only because I couldn't find a ring hand holder. 

Over the summer my sister and my mom made homemade jelly. They had a few extra mason jars, so I took a few. Nice little place to hold all my makeup. 

Yes, own 'The O.C.' DVDs. Make fun of me. I'm proud of it. When my cable & internet was out, this is what I watch. My desk isn't large, but it holds all my paper work and books neatly. 

My window brings a massive amount of light through it. In the morning, it is a pain. Talk about the best alarm clock. Do you want to know how I put my curtains up? A pair of one of my high heels. It really does come in handy when you have no hammer. Luckily it's still hanging up. 

My sister refurbished my grandparent's dresser this summer. It went from 'vintage' brown to 'modern' white. However, there are a few splotches of paint on the mirror. I decided to cover it up with photos of all my friends, and memories of this summer in NYC. 

This is the view from my window when I sit on my bed. The good thing about it being so big is that I never have to use a light during the day. You can't see it in here, but I get the good view on the pool, sand volleyball court, and clubhouse... not a bunch of trees like my roommates.