inside the bag

My bag isn't the most exciting thing in the world. I carry the things I know i'll be needed in the middle of the day when I am stuck at campus or work. My black Aldo bag is the perfect size to carry my things. 

Wallet: it carries really random cards, the essential cards, business cards, and old receipts.
Advil: I get really bad headaches (sometimes Migranes) so carrying Advil is a must esp for my long days.
Lilly Pulitzer planner: this is my life saver, I would be lost without it.
Hand sanitizer: I get easily sick so a small, nice-smelling hand sanitizer works for me.
Rings and necklace: If I feel like sprucing up my outfit or if I took it off and forgot it was in my bag.
Nail clipper: throughout the day I get frustrated with my nails.
Lipgloss and eyeliner: these two things eventually rub off mid way through the day so a trip to the bathroom means retouching.

And the main essential things that are always in my bag when not in the hand is my sunglasses, iPhone, and keys!

*Semi preview of the outfit I wore to class today