brooklyn + east river ferry

New York opened up the East River Ferry a few weeks ago and for two weeks it was free to ride. It took you from Wall Street to Brooklyn and Queens. Anything to get a glimpse of the beautiful New York skyline calls my name, and anything that has the word 'free' in front of it does also. After taking the Staten Island Ferry a week before, I was breath taken by the lower manhattan skyline. When I rode the East River Ferry, I loved seeing the entire New York skyline, along with the Brooklyn bridge. 
Like a natural tourist, I took a minimum of 50 shots. It got me thinking 'how many pictures do you need of the Empire State Building?' No matter what angle you take it at, it will always look the same and be in the same place. When I got home, I laughed at myself for taking so many pictures and deleted a little more than half of them. 
I took the East River Ferry to Williamsburg, Brooklyn- one of my favorite parts of Brooklyn. While it has its more industrial side to it, I loved the young, hip feeling to it. Walking down Bedford avenue with the little coffee shops and vintage shops is my favorite part of this area. I wouldn't have 'discovered' this place if my job didn't have a photo shoot in this area.