custom made jeans + no really

It's a raining Monday here in New York, and when it's gloomy outside- it's gloomy in the office. It makes me want to go home and cuddle up to Netflix with a some carrots and hummus- I know random.  Saying it's a slow day would be an understatement. But i've spent my time browsing fashion and beauty blogs, and some of my favorite fashion go-to sites. Sometimes there are perks to my internship and something...  it can be a debby downer. But when you work 5 days a week, it's not always going to be bright rays on sunshine smiling at you. I came across this article on REFINERY29 about a unique store in Soho called 3x1. This store is the true definition of a custom made jean. I added this to my list of places to stop by while I am here in New York. No matter how many times I go to Soho, I always find something new. Let's hope the sales person doesn't convince me to get a pair or 2 or my mother wouldn't be the happiest camper when she gets that bill, but I could always use the excuse of 'I needed these, no one else has them' because technically no one does. One of the coolest thing about the store is the workshop is inside of it. So you can relax in the air condition store or keep on browsing different stores in SoHo- because you have to buy tops to go with the jeans- while they make your pants.