photo diary + lower manhattan

{the building of the freedom towers}
{wall street}
{Chelsea Market}
{Stone Street in lower manhattan- the street is just for outdoor restaurant seating}
{the Standard hotel from the Highline park}
{3rd floor of the NY Public Library}

{inside the NY Public Library}

{street view}

Since I currently take all my photos from the instagram app on my iPhone, I figured doing a post like this a week showing what I did would be necessary. Even though I only have 3 weeks left, I will be cramming everything left on my 'NYC Bucket list' during these last few days. This past weekend, after FashionCampusNYC, I finally explored lower manhattan. All in one day, me & a friend did Century 21, World Trade Centers, Battery Park, Wall Street, Chelsea Market, and walked the whole entire Highline Park. 
It started out at Century 21, but, after spending less than 30 minutes in the store, I had to leave because it was so crammed. It was followed by viewing the World Trade Center memorial and looking at the Freedom towers- still being built. We walked to Wall Street and the New York Stoke Exchange. I was hoping I could find myself a wealthy investment banker who would be willing to take me shopping- sadly no luck. Heading further south, we walked by Stone Street which had tables down the entire road, a perfect place for after work drinks and food- makes me wish I worked in this are, but I'm not smart enough for that. We headed to Battery Park for some late people watching while eating a popsicle-which melted fast because of the heat- and pizza filled pretzels. We took the subway up to Chelsea and cooled down while exploring the Chelsea Market. It took awhile to figure out what to eat since there was so much to choose from. I finally settled for a Scallion Clam Chowed- so delicious! As the sun started to go down, we walked the entire Highline park, where people laid on the lawn chairs and families sat enjoying the east coast sunset.