home decor + inspiration

It's Monday afternoon and I have spent about half my day looking through interior design blogs to find inspiration for my new apartment. I can officially start moving in tomorrow, but tomorrow is my grandparent's anniversary so I am holding off until Wednesday. There is one room that I found on CAITLIN WILSON DESIGN that pretty much sums up how I want part of my room to look like... minus the pink. I don't do pink. The only time I've ever done pink was in junior high... and seriously regret that decision. The concept of a chalk board painted section and book shelves filled with organized binders makes me happy. I've been practicing over the years to get more organized. After living in a dreadful apartment (that provided UGLY furniture more me) for two years, I am beyond excited to bring up my white furniture and start decorating. However, I hate packing boxes and trying to figure out what I need and don't need.
 Love the decorative pillows added to the bed.
 Not digging the rug on the floor but everything else I like.
 The huge mirror would make my room look bigger & a perfect place to put photos.

Again, obsessed with the organization of the white shelves & the elephant stool. 

 I possibly, along with my roommate, will opt out of the white carpet and coach... not good when someone spills beer on it. 
 My favorite part is the chalk board section of the wall.