in the bag + balenciaga

For months now I have been drooling over this Balenciaga bag. And, to my benefit, one of my friends was giving hers away. Who was the first one to beg on her knees (no really but close enough) was me. Essentially I called dibs before any of her friends would too. Of course, she didn't give it away for free, however, I didn't have to throw down a few thousand for it. Why on earth would she be giving it away you might ask. Well don't worry I asked too. But besides that, I've decided to take as much care as I can with it, even making sure the perfect items go inside of it. These items are currently residing in heaven. Aside from these 9 items, I have my keys, wallet, and typically my cell phone...but that is usually in my hands. 

1. Chanel powder- Touch up for hot summer and sweat
2. Nutrition bar- If I am out most of the day, I don't want to buy junk/fast food so I eat a nutrition bar
3. Marc Jacob's Lola perfume- Currently my perfume obsession at the moment
4. iPod- I don't typically listen to it anymore, since I have my car, but I still keep it in there for those randoms times I don't want to hear people talk 
5. Dior sunglasses- Got them as a gift & I make sure they are with me 100 percent of the time
6. Rings- Depending if I am in a rush, I always stash rings it in my purse to put on while on the go
7. Planner- I can't leave without it, EVER
8. Mascara- This is for long days and my eyes get rest less 
9. Nail polish- I chip my nails more than anything, so mid day touch up is needed