photo diary + nyc summer

{Shake Shack for lunch}
{I tried the peanut butter shake- tasted like Reeses}
{Madison Square Park}
{walk back to work}

{picking up dinner at Eataly}

{Central Park near 75th West}
{Sunday brunch at Sarabeth's}

{View of Manhattan near the Brooklyn Bridge}

{Walking the entire Brooklyn Bridge}

{Statue of Liberty & Staten Island Ferry}

This past week has been a stressful. I moved out of the place I was staying and moved to a friend's place on 75th near Central Park- NOT COMPLAINING. This week we had a slow day at work so I decided to meet a friend in Madison Square Park for some Shack Shake. I literally ate way to many calories but WORTH it. I tried the peanut butter shake for the first time, and I wasn't disappointed. Later that way I wanted to take a trip to Eataly for some dinner pick ups. I got good Italian pasta to pair with the red wine I picked up. I had dinner at Fred's at Barney's Saturday night with three girlfriends. We sat next to these two old ladies who decided to have a lovely three course meal- it was so cute! On Sunday I had brunch with my roommate and friends at Sarabeth's on the Upper West Side. I had the most delicious Salmon benedict while others ate pumpkin pancakes and stuffed omelets. After brunch, I met up with a friend to take the train to Brooklyn and walk across the Brooklyn bridge. Since it was such a hot day, we had ice cream from Brooklyn Ice Cream Co.- absolutely delicious! We crossed the Brooklyn bridge, then headed to the Statue of Liberty, and we ended the day at Pomme Frites in the East Village, eating thousands of calories in fries.