fall essentials

Fall has finally begun to show here in Florida and, while it may change every now and then, I can't help but put on the layers. While my fall essential wardrobe isn't the most daring, it does keep me warm on breezy mornings and warm afternoons.
1. Colored jeans: Ever since I saw the cobalt blue jeans at Rag & Bone, I've been obsessed with putting away the usually denims and bringing on the bold with some colors. 
2. Sheer tops: Ok, this isn't exactly screaming warm. However, when the sun reaches it point during the day, it's the perfect shirt that doesn't make me feel stuffy. 
3. Boots & Flats: Since I have broken all my sandals, I am glad I get to use close toed shoes. Whether that be knee-high boots, ankle boots, or flats, I love them all. 
4. Scarves: Ever since the weather reached 70, I've been addicted to wearing a scarf. I have a feeling by the end of winter, I will have too many scarves to count.