Store on Tour + Urban Outfitters

A few weeks ago my friend invited me to an event called "Store on Tour". I was a little skeptical at first but then I clicked it. After I saw "Urban Outfitters" and "Coming to Tallahassee", I freaked out! Urban Outfitters decided to bring a pop up store to 4 lucky cities (aka college towns) for a few days, so college fashionistas (like myself) could get their hands on UO products. Tallahassee was one of those lucky cities. 
Two weeks of patiently waiting, it finally arrived. Me and two of my friends waited in line a little beforehand so we can call dibs. It felt like we waiting in line longer than it did to shop and checkout. While it was excruciating to stand in the heat, it was well worth it when I walked away with new UO products. They are here till Thursday, so I just may have to go back and snag a few more pieces. 

Waiting in line for it to open

Waiting in line to try on clothes

Rack of clothes

The exterior of the pop up shop

This is how we shopped

It was a tiny little pop up shop right in the middle of the hot pavements