love life + live life

Last Christmas, my parents showed me some love by buying me a beautiful Nikon camera, that I had been asking for months. Unfortunately, this was before instagram was introduced. Now my life consist of being captured through instagram. Even my whole New York summer was taken on this app. Call it a problem if you must, but you only have to attend instagram anonymous if you plan on quitting. Sorry, I don't plan on quitting. I would hate to have withdrawals from it. Don't get me wrong, I still love my baby Nikon. I still use it for more special moments.

Designs made in beach sand. 

Not my arm, but my friend has a killer jewelry collection. 

MMMMMMM.... Asian food. 

I actually cut back on Starbuck's coffee, but I still like to have it from time to time. 

I decided to start sewing again last weekend, but I didn't get past the hem part. 

Section of my friend's apartment. I'm in love, so adorable. 

 It may be fall, but it's still summer in Florida. Hello beach.